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the importance of not policing chat rooms

The Importance of Not Policing Chat Rooms

We’ve all experienced something like this at least once in our lives. You’re talking with your friends about something cool that happened and then it stops. Some rule thumping person comes out of nowhere and ruins everyone’s fun. It’s natural because you need someone to enforce certain rules, but enforcing too hard is a negative thing even in online chat…

how to choose the best seat for your back while chatting

How to Choose The Best Seat For Your Back While Chatting

Most people like to feel welcomed and comfortable in chat rooms. However, many of us overlook the physical discomfort from sitting and having these online conversations. It’s crucial to consider what you are sitting on while you are using the computer. Having a sub-optimal seating arrangement could cause long-term injury, so it’s best to be safe. You’d be surprised how…