3 Ways to Be Truthful and Interesting While Chatting

3 Ways to Be Truthful and Interesting While Chatting
3 Ways to Be Truthful and Interesting While Chatting

A life of fantasy is what some of us imagine the internet to be.

However, to make genuine friends online, being truthful is extremely important. When looking to make lasting connections, you can’t just tell lies about your life.

Eventually, it’ll come back to bite you, and it’s stressful to have to keep a story straight constantly. So it’s better to never lie in the first place!

That’s why we’ve documented 3 ways to be more honest and interesting when chatting online.

1. Tell It Like It Is

tell it like it is
Don’t embellish your life too much.

You’ll find that most people do not lead to amazing, exciting lives. It’s important to be forward about yourself, but let people know about your passions and projects instead. When things are tangible it’s easier to relate them. Not everyone wants a Hollywood lifestyle.

Here’s a secret: Honest people are simply happier.

Finding friends with similar interests and passions with you will be much easier once you set them out initially. Things will sort of just “click” and after that, there isn’t really a need to lie to you each other.

Remaining truthful with others will make you feel more accepted.

2. People Love the Truth

people love the truth
Making false statements sound a lot less attractive when you’re caught.

A surprising fact is that people love the truth. – But what is that?

Well, when something even slightly exciting is true then it becomes more impressive. Not to mention, there’s an earnest feeling to something we like to call, “Awesome Truths”. Getting caught while lying also ruins most friendships.

Usually, people end up unhappy as a result. So friendships are about honesty and trust in each other.

3. You’ll Eventually Get Caught

you will eventually get caught
It’s inevitable that one day you’ll slip up.

Chances are, you won’t get away with it because it’s too difficult to keep up an act. Distinguishing what’s actually true and what isn’t can even become a blur if you’ve been doing it long enough.

Overall, this isn’t a path anyone should want to take. – It’s ultimately more stressful than worth it! You and your online buddies will truly appreciate friendship when both of you are honest with each other.

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